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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
Ignore this file if you have a pre-installed binary package.
If you do not need to modify the default configuration, then take
the following steps to build and install the server:
@@ -23,7 +23,52 @@ needs for EAP.
+ The installation process will not over-write your existing
+configuration files. It will, however, warn you about the files it
+did not install.
+ For users upgrading from 1.x to 2.0, we STRONGLY recommend that 2.0
+be installed in a different location than the existing 1.x
+installation. Any local policies can then be migrated gradually to
+the new 2.0 configuration. While we have put a lot of time into
+ensuring that 2.0 is mostly backwards compatible with 1.x, it is not
+COMPLETELY backwards compatible. There are differences that mean it
+is simpler and safer to migrate your configurations.
+ If you are upgrading an existing installation, please be aware that
+at least one default virtual server MUST be used. If you are
+upgrading from a previous version of FreeRADIUS, this change can be
+done by editing radiusd.conf, and wrapping all of the authorize,
+authenticate, etc. sections in one server block, as follows:
+ server { # line to add
+ authorize {
+ ...
+ }
+ authenticate {
+ ...
+ }
+ accounting {
+ ...
+ }
+ ...
+ post-proxy {
+ ...
+ }
+ } # matching line to add
+ If this change is not made, the server WILL NOT START. It will
+instead complain about "no server defined".
+ See "raddb/sites-available/default" for an example of how this
+should be done.
FreeRADIUS has autoconf support. This means you have to run
./configure, and then run make. To see which configuration options

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