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Rust overlay

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Overlay has been moved to the new address. No user interaction is needed, layman will handle this automatically. Please, report any issues and make pull requests in the new repo.

User's guide

Adding the overlay

This overlay is available through layman.

To use packages from it, add it with

layman -a rust

If you use eix you may need to execute


after it.


This overlay contains Rust compiler and Rust related packages and is the primary place for developing of the Rust infrastructure on Gentoo.

As user you may be interested in these packages:

  • dev-lang/rust Rust compiler built from sources
  • dev-lang/rust-bin Binary packaged Rust compiler
  • dev-util/cargo Cargo rust package manager and build tool
  • dev-util/cargo-bin Binary packaged cargo rust package manager and build tool

There are other useful packages in this overlay, use eix or whatever else to learn about them.

Rust compiler implementations

Different Rust versions can be installed simultaneously on Gentoo. Slots and eselect are used for this purpose. To learn more, see eselect-rust.

Useful USE flags.


  • doc install documentation
  • system-llvm use system LLVM (will decrease compilation time)


  • cargo-bundled install bundled Cargo
  • doc install documentation

Developer's guide


Fork this repo and make a pull request. We are happy to merge it.

Please, make sure you've read devmanual.

Commit message should look like

[category/packagename] short decription

Long description

This makes reading history easier. GPG signing your changes is a good idea.

If you have push access to this repo it is a good idea to still create a pull request, so at least one more person have reviewed your code. Exceptions are trivial changes and urgent changes (that fix something completely broken).



Currently we have these slots for dev-lang/rust:

  • stable -- stable release
  • git -- upstream git version

Note, that source packages use a custom postfix for Rust libraries. This is important, as otherwise simultaneously installed different Rust versions will fail to work. An example of src_prepare that sets appropriate postfixes:

src_prepare() {
	local postfix="gentoo-${SLOT}"
	sed -i -e "s/CFG_FILENAME_EXTRA=.*/CFG_FILENAME_EXTRA=${postfix}/" mk/ || die

For dev-lang/rust-bin slots are:

  • stable -- stable release
  • beta -- beta version
  • nightly -- nightly version

Note, that cargo-bundled USE is available only for nightly and beta dev-lang/rust-bin and cargo binary is not under the eselect control, so nightly and beta cannot have cargo-bundled USE enabled at the same time.


Rust compiler packages use eselect-rust to managed their symlinks. Consult its README for information on how to properly register your package in eselect.

You need to set active Rust version in pkg_postinst if no one were set before:

eselect rust update --if-unset

You need to unset active Rust version in pkg_postrm if it were the one you just removed:

eselect rust unset --if-invalid


You need to set MANPATH and LDPATH appropriately. See existing ebuilds.


Please, make sure you have checked this before creating pull request:

  • you've run repoman full -d and it didn't complain about errors
  • you've emerged ebuild with your changes and it was installed correctly
  • you've run the stuff your ebuild installed and it worked for you
  • if you have keywords in your ebuild, you have tested it for every ARCH mentioned there

Changes propagation to the tree

Changes in the packages available in the main Gentoo tree will propagate there after some time (usually one week). At the moment these packages are:

  • app-emacs/rust-mode
  • app-eselect/eselect-rust
  • app-shells/rust-zshcomp
  • app-vim/rust-mode
  • dev-lang/rust
  • dev-lang/rust-bin


[MIRROR] Rust packages



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