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app-admin app-admin/sudo: version bump to 1.8.23-r1 Jun 24, 2018
app-arch/libarchive add support for libressl 2.7.x #651174 Apr 2, 2018
app-crypt Add app-crypt/trousers with updated libressl patch to suppport libres… Jun 10, 2018
dev-cpp/commoncpp2 dev-cpp/commoncpp2: sync keywords Apr 12, 2017
dev-db/sqlcipher Add ebuild for dev-db/sqlcipher with patch to build against libressl-2.7 May 29, 2018
dev-lang Update ruby metadata.xml May 27, 2018
dev-libs dev-libs/libgit2-{0.26.4,0.27.1}: version bump solves CVE-2018-11235 Jun 5, 2018
dev-python dev-python/m2crypto: sync with upstream Apr 13, 2018
dev-util/cargo dev-util/cargo: fix manifest Jun 19, 2018
mail-filter/imapfilter mail-filter/imapfilter: r2 -> r1 Apr 12, 2017
media-libs/opusfile [media-libs/opusfile] Add libressl support as per #588768 Feb 27, 2018
media-video/ffmpeg media-video/ffmpeg: version bump to 3.4.2-r1 Mar 28, 2018
metadata layout.conf: define sign-commits & sign-manifests May 24, 2018
net-dns Fix bind-tools to work with libressl 2.7.3 May 16, 2018
net-libs net-libs/libeXosip: new package Jan 8, 2018
net-mail net-mail/courier-imap: sync with upstream Apr 12, 2017
net-misc net-misc/openssh: version bump to 7.7_p1-r6 Jun 26, 2018
net-voip/linphone net-voip/linphone: remove linguas Jan 8, 2018
net-vpn/openconnect net-vpn/openconnect: version bump to 7.08-r1 Mar 29, 2018
net-wireless net-wireless/aircrack-ng: add libressl USE flag. May 22, 2017
profiles profiles: remove old files. May 2, 2017
sys-cluster/keepalived sys-cluster/keepalived: new package Jan 29, 2018
sys-fs/cryptsetup sys-fs/cryptsetup: add package Jun 19, 2018
www-client/lynx www-client/lynx: sync with upstream Jan 25, 2018
.gitignore Add .gitignore Aug 13, 2015
.travis.yml travis.yml: bump portage to 2.3.40 Jun 5, 2018 README: update overlay description Feb 21, 2016
libressl-overlay.xml Fix libressl-overlay.xml Apr 6, 2015

LibreSSL ebuilds testing repo

LibreSSL is already in Gentoo, but still requires a lot of ebuilds to be fixed. This overlay serves as a testing ground and makes testing easier by providing an openssl dummy ebuild, so you can compile packages against LibreSSL which don't have the 'libressl' USE flag yet.

How to install the overlay

With paludis: see Paludis repository configuration

With layman: layman -f -o -a libressl or layman -a libressl


Gentoo bug report

Compatibility analysis

security related blog post

LibreSSL on Gentoo blog post

Tested ebuilds with libressl

Repoman status

Repoman Status


Gitter chat