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This repository contains additional versions of gentoo's nginx ebuilds.

The ambition is to have a more thorough review and collaboration effort in this repository before landing the final result in gentoo-x86. The easiest way to collaborate is by reviewing/testing Pull Requests or submitting one yourself.

Older ebuilds will use unstable (~) keywording while experimental ebuilds lacks keywording. Please adjust your portage configuration accordingly. Only bugfixes will be backported. If you're interested in newer 3rd-party modules, consider moving to the latest development version.

If you choose to use this overlay as your preferred provider, please take note that this repository might not follow gentoo's ebuild versioning conventions (-r1 or similar bumps). Keep track of the repository changelog and rebuild if relevant.


More recent versions of Portage allows you to add additional repositories by adding a config file in /etc/portage/repos.conf. Here's an example:

location = /var/db/repos/nginx-overlay
sync-type = git
sync-uri = git://
auto-sync = yes

Keyword as appropriate and use emerge like you normally would do.

Branch workflow

The master branch is always considered being production ready, which means that all development should be made in branches. Fork the repository, create a branch on your local git clone (or github account) and then create a Pull Request to have it considered for inclusion.

All commits and merges to master should be signed off (-s) – unless you're merging your own commit – and preferably signed (-S). Always keep history when merging a branch (--no-ff).


Nginx in Gentoo previously followed upstream's conventions regarding always following latest version. This changed with 1.8 and 1.9 since we during the 1.7 cycle had issues with our wide range of third party modules that complicated security-related version bumps. In order to make sure we always have a concept of "stable", we will now use the stable branches as stable.


Contributions are welcome. Fork (preferably to a branch) and create a pull request. Bugs to versions in the main gentoo tree should always be filed in the Gentoo Bugzilla.