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# Copyright 1999-2013 Gentoo Foundation
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
import platform
import sys
import time
from portage.output import darkgreen, green
class stdout_spinner(object):
scroll_msgs = [
"Gentoo Rocks ("+platform.system()+")",
"Thank you for using Gentoo. :)",
"Are you actually trying to read this?",
"How many times have you stared at this?",
"We are generating the cache right now",
"You are paying too much attention.",
"A theory is better than its explanation.",
"Phasers locked on target, Captain.",
"Thrashing is just virtual crashing.",
"To be is to program.",
"Real Users hate Real Programmers.",
"When all else fails, read the instructions.",
"Functionality breeds Contempt.",
"The future lies ahead.",
"Sometimes insanity is the only alternative.",
"Inaccuracy saves a world of explanation.",
twirl_sequence = "/-\\|/-\\|/-\\|/-\\|\\-/|\\-/|\\-/|\\-/|"
def __init__(self):
self.spinpos = 0
self.update = self.update_twirl
self.scroll_sequence = self.scroll_msgs[
int(time.time() * 100) % len(self.scroll_msgs)]
self.last_update = 0
self.min_display_latency = 0.05
def _return_early(self):
Flushing ouput to the tty too frequently wastes cpu time. Therefore,
each update* method should return without doing any output when this
method returns True.
cur_time = time.time()
if cur_time - self.last_update < self.min_display_latency:
return True
self.last_update = cur_time
return False
def update_basic(self):
self.spinpos = (self.spinpos + 1) % 500
if self._return_early():
return True
if (self.spinpos % 100) == 0:
if self.spinpos == 0:
sys.stdout.write(". ")
return True
def update_scroll(self):
if self._return_early():
return True
if(self.spinpos >= len(self.scroll_sequence)):
sys.stdout.write(darkgreen(" \b\b\b" + self.scroll_sequence[
len(self.scroll_sequence) - 1 - (self.spinpos % len(self.scroll_sequence))]))
sys.stdout.write(green("\b " + self.scroll_sequence[self.spinpos]))
self.spinpos = (self.spinpos + 1) % (2 * len(self.scroll_sequence))
return True
def update_twirl(self):
self.spinpos = (self.spinpos + 1) % len(self.twirl_sequence)
if self._return_early():
return True
sys.stdout.write("\b\b " + self.twirl_sequence[self.spinpos])
return True
def update_quiet(self):
return True
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