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This is a backwards incompatible feature and bugfix relase.
It contains the work from GSoC 2013 by Vikraman Choudhury.
### User notes:
* #75 Support for package slots
* #78 Better eselect provider
* #81 Type and provider for package.env
* #85 Type and provider for layman
* #86 Use '=' when compare pattern is missing
* #90 Type and provider for webapp-config
* #98 Handle package version when a rebuild is triggered
* #100 Handle nested attribute arrays
* #102 Updates in portage::makeconf
* #115 Add support for installation of Gentoo base and other tools
### Developer notes:
* #76 Use correct regexes from portage
* #82 Update tests with :version and :slot
* #84 Set defaults for package_* types
* #104 Fix postsync, enhance package definition and cosmetic code cleanups
* #111 Use @ prefix for variables in erb templates to fix deprecated syntax
* #112 Update Modulefile with the new location in github and forge
* #113 Modify $LOAD_PATH to fix require errors
This is a backwards compatible bugfix release
* Apply eselect facts only in Gentoo systems
* (portage-#62) Allow `*` in package_* version field
* Refactor tests to use shared examples and contexts.
This is a backwards incompatible feature release.
For an overview of the new usage, please see the README at
* (portage-#20) package_* version is now an independent field
* (portage-#41) Default package_* to present
* Remove portage class parameters in favor of portage::makeconf
* (portage-#29) Add eselect type and provider
This is a backwards compatible bugfix release.
* (maint) Support for Travis-ci added
* (portage-#36) Permit numeric values in atom name and category
* (portage-#25) Fixed mangling and duplication of _use and _keywords flags
This is a backwards compatible bugfix and feature release.
* (maint) File permissions fixed for group and other read access
* (portage-#9) Add variables from `emerge --info` as facts
* (portage-#23) Deduplicate rebuild exec in portage::package
This is a backwards compatible bugfix release.
* (portage-#21) Add portage util require for all package_* types.
This is a backwards incompatible feature and bugfix release.
* Renamed all classes and defines from 'gentoo' to 'portage'
* Bugfixes for the package_use parsedfile provider
* Metadata corrections to add concat as a dependency
* Site specific files removed
* Removed legacy defined types for package.* entries
* Removed unusable localegen and category defined types
* (portage-#7) make.conf moved from /etc/make.conf to /etc/portage/make.conf
* (portage-#8) Order package_* resources before package installation
* (portage-#14) Rename package_use `use_flags` to `use`
* (portage-#18) Comments for each class, style guide corrections
Major thanks to Theo Chatzimichos for a ton of bugfixes and QA testing.
* Initial forge release with expanded features and tests.
* Initial pre-release
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