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Welcome to the qt overlay!

This is where the Gentoo Qt project develops and maintains ebuilds for experimental Qt versions (pre-releases and "live" code from git) and Qt-related packages. For your convenience, we also provide a few package sets and package.keyword files.

The overlay is hosted on Github and on the official Gentoo infrastructure at:

You don't need to emerge the Qt ebuilds specifically, they are normally pulled in as dependencies for packages that use Qt. But you may want to have all of Qt installed, for example if you are a developer or tester. In that case we recommend you copy the most applicable set to your /etc/portage/sets/ directory, rename it (to prevent portage error on set redefinition), and customize it to your own wishes.

If you have questions, you can find us on IRC in #gentoo-qt on or at

Bugs should be reported on Be sure to include "[qt overlay]" in the summary of your bug report.

Users wanting to contribute should first read the Qt project policies.

Using layman

Run the following command:

layman -f -a qt

And you're done.

If you want to refresh the overlay, run:

layman -s qt