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lxc-gentoo: lxc guest Gentoo template script (mirroring upstream + personal fixes and changes)

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lxc-gentoo: Linux Containers Gentoo Guest Template Script

The script creates a root filesystem and config file suitable for initializing a Gentoo guest within an LXC (Linux Containers) environment.

While normally run interactively, the script also accepts input from various environment variables.


  • Recent Linux kernel (>=3.2.x recommended)
  • lxc userspace utilities (Gentoo: 'emerge lxc')

November 2012 Updates

  • Various contributed minor improvements around locking, indentation, shell syntax, etc.
  • Don't drop 'fowner' capability, as it breaks portage's ability to chown.
  • Don't create /etc/init.d/net.eth0 unless DHCP is specified.

October 2012 Updates

  • Migrate stage3 URL from 'arch' to 'subarch' basis, as per Gentoo Release Guidelines.

September 2012 Updates

  • Default network config has changed. Instead of assuming a bridge setup, we use simpler 'veth' based tunnels direct to the host, which now appear as 'guestname' in the host's interface list. (Also resolves an apparently outstanding bug related to random MAC assignment, see )

  • Generated guests now attempt to aggressively drop capabilities ('man 7 capabilities') in a bid to plug known security issues, also to pre-mount /proc and remove /sys for the same purpose. (See also: )

  • Add DHCP support

  • SSH setup code dropped as out of scope

  • More OpenRC related fixes for faster startup.

  • Various minor updates


The project was originally hosted at...

It was moved to github by Julien Sanchez at:

This was then forked again by the original author in order to move project hosting to github.

Since then it has seen contributions from many parties.

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