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A modular IRC bot


Clone the github repo: git clone https://github.com/gentoomen/bhottu.git

Prerequisite packages

You will need to install these packages (or their equivalents) on your OS before continuing:

  • mysql-server
  • libmysqlclient-dev
  • python-pip
  • python-dev
  • python-virtualenv

Python packages required

A list of the required python packages is provided in requirements.txt. Firstly set up a virtualenv:

virtualenv --python=python2.7 testing

Then enter the virtualenv:

source testing/bin/activate

Now install the python packages:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Setting up

Make a new copy of config_example.py and name it config.py.

Editing config.py`to your liking. The comments in that file are very helpful.

Configuring the MySQL Database

The majority of the modules in this bot make use of a central MySQL database in some way. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to set up a database. The bot does NOT do this automatically.

Use the following commands:

mysqladmin create bhottu

If you cannot remember your MySQL root password (this is different from your system root password), here are some instructions on how to reset it that are Ubuntu-specific but that should work anywhere.


To run bhottu just open a shell, navigate it to the cloned git repo and run python bhottu.py or just ./bhottu.py if you're on *nux/*BSD. In order to keep the bot running after you close your shell, you might want to use screen or tmux. We currently do not supply init scripts.

Default modules and their usage

All of the following commands have to be preceeded by bhottu's current name. E.g. 'bhottu, list admins'.


Takes care of admin-related stuff. Users in the GODS list are automatically admins.

# Admin-only commands:
add admin [nick]               # gives [nick] admin priviliges
remove admin [nick]            # takes [nick]'s admin priviliges

# Public commands:
list admins                    # gives a list of current admins


Takes care of updating the bhottu source by pulling the up-to-date sources from github.

# Admin-only commands:
it's your birthday             # fetches most recent bhottu sources and restarts the bot


Does stuff with colors. Like listing them when somebody says a known color and stuff...

# Public commands:
color [#hexvalue] [name]       # saves a color with the value [#hexvalue] under [name]


Makes the bot say stuff (useful through private messages).

# Public commands:
say [message]                  # makes bhottu say [message]
shout [message]                # -//- but capitalized in bold font


Remembers RSS feeds and checks for updates everytime the server sends a 'PING' command.

# Admin-only commands:
add feed [name] [link]         # saves the feed at [link] under [name]
remove feed [name]             # removes a feed with called [name]


Checks whether somebody is spamming and if somebody IS spamming sets the channel mode to 'moderated'.

Works without any specific commands.


Greets users when they connect or change their nickname.

# Admin-only commands:
greet [nick] [message]         # greets [nick] with [message] when he joins the channel
don't greet [nick]             # stops greeting [nick] and removes the greeting from the database


Kinda self-explanatory, isn't it?

# Public commands:
help [command]                 # gives info on [command]


Makes bhottu ignore a user's messages. That user will not be able to trigger any bhottu commands/module functions.

# Admin-only commands:
ignore [nick]                  # makes bhottu ignore [nick]
stop ignoring [nick]           # stops bhottu from ignoring [nick] again

# Public commands:
list ignores                   # gives a list of currently ignored nicknames (this can be triggered also by a nickname that is being ignored at the moment)


Whenever somebody says 'linux' instead of 'GNU/linux' (or a similar version) bhottu spams the legendary RMS copypasta.

Works without any specific commands.


Romanizes kana and turns romaji into kana.

Public commands:
romanize [kana]                # turn kana string to romaji
kana [syllabary] [romaji]      # turn romaji into katakana / hirgana


If somebody mentions a link, bhottu fetches that webpage and prints out a) its title or b) its mime-type. Bhottu also saves those links and gives them if someone asks for them.

# Admin-only commands:
all links [search pattern]     # see the 'links' command below
show blacklist                 # gives a domain blacklist
blacklist [domain]             # adds a domain to the blacklist
remove blacklist [domain]      # removes a domain from the blacklist

# Public commands:
links [search pattern]         # searches for [search pattern] in all the links titles - if more than 3 search results nothing gets returned (to avoid link spamming and short search terms such as 'a') and an admin must run the 'all links' command


Gives the current system load on bhottu's host machine.

# Public commands:
load average                   # pretty much what the description above says


Users can give other users 'points' for doing cool stuff. This module takes care of that...

# Public commands:
[nick]++                       # gives [nick] one point (increments [user]'s points by 1)
[nick]--                       # takes [nick] one point (decrements [user]'s points by 1)
tell me about [nick]           # shows how many points [nick] has
show me the top [number]       # shows the top [number] users with the most points


A module for creating polls and voting for stuff and stuff.

# Admin-only commands:
open poll [question]           # creates a new poll with [question]
close poll [question]          # closes a poll with matching [question]
delete poll [question]         # deletes a poll with matching [question]

# Public commands:
show poll [poll ID]            # shows info about a poll with [ID] containing answer IDs
vote for [answer ID]           # adds a vote to [answer ID]
vote new [answer]              # creates a new possible answer
search poll [search query]     # searches through all the polls for a matching query


This module makes bhottu kill itself. Nothing special here.

# Admin-only commands:
gtfo                           # makes bhottu leave


A module for saving memorable quotes.

# Admin-only commands:
quotes from [nick]             # returns all the citations/quotes from [nick]

# Public commands:
quote <[nick]> [citation]      # saves [citation] with author [nick]
cite [nick]                    # returns a citation/quote by [nick]


A module for automatically replying to things that are said in the channel. Also provides suggestions from channel-contributed lists.

# Admin-only commands:
list replies                   # lists replies and uploads them to a pastebin for easy viewing
stop that                      # stops the bot from triggering 
yes, stop that                 # really stops the bot from triggering (can only be used after stop that)
remove reply to [trigger]      # stops the bot from triggering without asking for confirmation
assign [term] to [variable]    # assigns a new possible suggestion to a variable
don't reply to [trigger]       # kicks users who try add a reply for this trigger
reply to [trigger]             # makes it okay to add a reply for this trigger again

#Public commands:
[term] <reply> [term]          # makes the bot say the term on the right when the term on the left is said in the channel
what was that?                 # makes the bot tell you what triggered a certain event
suggest a [variable]           # suggests a random entry from one of the predefined lists


A module for the users to play Russian Roulette.

# Public commands:
roulette                       # plays a turn of russian roulette


Records all messages everyone has said ever (into a table called lines) and gives them back at random if someone asks for them.

# Public commands:
spew like [nick]               # gives a citation of what [nick] has said sometime in the past
spew improv                    # gives 3-5 citations of what somebody has said sometime in the past


Gives some commands for statistics and stuff.

# Public commands:
top10ever                      # returns a list of the 10 most talkative people
mpm                            # returns how many messages per minute are said
line average of [nick]         # returns how long a message by [nick] is by average


Used for searching for threads on 4chan containing certain text.

# Public commands:
catalog [board] [regex]        # searches the 4chan catalog on board [board] for matching regex [regex]
board [board] [regex]          # searches every post on 4chan board [board] for matching regex [regex]


# Public commands:
what's the weather in [city]   # returns current conditions in city


Bhottu is very extendable and it's quite simple to do that:

Creating a module

To create a module just create a blank .py file in the /modules folder. This part will go through the creation of the modules/greetings.py file/module thing.

Now first I will need to define aload() method, which will set up whatever the module needs on it's initialization. Essential bhottu commands are located in the /api folder so you should import that:

from api import *

Now that you have access to the most important functions you can use them. Most (all) modules have a load() function which prepares whatever the module needs. In this case the load function should: create a table in the MySQL database which will hold the greetings and the nicknames of people to which will trigger them. Also, I need to tell bhottu to use load() function on start, so write there something something like:

def load():
    dbExecute('''create table if not exists greetings (
              greetingID int auto_increment primary key,
              nick varchar(255),
              greeting text,
              index(nick) )''')
registerModule('Greetings', load) # add this after defining "load()" and don't place it inside "load()"

Now let's make functions which will add a greeting to the table and remove a greeting from the table:

def addGreet(channel, sender, target, message):
    if sender == target: # setting a greeting for yourself is kinda selfish
        sendMessage(channel, "%s, u silly poophead" % sender)
    currentGreeting = dbQuery("SELECT greeting FROM greetings WHERE nick=%s", [target])
    if len(currentGreeting) > 0: # target nickname already has a greeting
        sendMessage("I already greet %s with %s" % (target, currentGreeting[0][0]))
    dbExecute("INSERT INTO greetings (nick, greeting) VALUES (%s, %s)", [target, message]) # insert a new greeting
def removeGreet(channel, sender, target):
    dbExecute("DELETE FROM greetings WHERE nick=%s", [target]) # just deletes a greeting

Now I have to alter the load() function so that bhottu knows when to run these new functions:

def load():
    """Greets people when joining the channel."""
    dbExecute('''create table if not exists greetings (
              greetingID int auto_increment primary key,
              nick varchar(255),
              greeting text,
              index(nick) )''')
    registerFunction("greet %s %S", addGreet, "greet <target> <message>", restricted = True) # restricted means that only people who have admin authorization can run this command
    registerFunction("don't greet %s", removeGreet, "don't greet <target>", restricted = True)

Now I will create functions that get called when a user has joined the channel and/or changed his name and greet him:

def checkGreetJoin(arguments, sender):
    (nick, ident, hostname) = parseSender(sender)
    greetings = dbQuery("SELECT greeting FROM greetings WHERE nick=%s", [nick])
    channel = arguments[0]
    if len(greetings) > 0:
        time.sleep(2) # wait for him/her to acoomodate him/herself in the channel (NOTE: I'll need to "import time" if I want to use this)
        sendMessage(channel, "%s, %s" % (nick, greetings[0][0])) # greet him/her
def checkGreetNick(arguments, sender):
    (nick, ident, hostname) = parseSender(sender)
    newNick = arguments[0]
    greetings = dbQuery("SELECT greeting FROM greetings WHERE nick=%s", [newNick])
    if len(greetings) > 0:
        for channel in joinedChannels():
            if newNick in channelUserList(channel):
                sendMessage(channel, "%s, %s" % (newNick, greetings[0][0]))

Now I have to alter load() again and hook these new functions to the "JOIN" and "NICK" IRC commands:

def load():
    dbExecute('''create table if not exists greetings (
              greetingID int auto_increment primary key,
              nick varchar(255),
              greeting text,
              index(nick) )''')
    registerFunction("greet %s %S", addGreet, "greet <target> <message>", restricted = True)
    registerFunction("don't greet %s", removeGreet, "don't greet <target>", restricted = True)
    registerCommandHandler("JOIN", checkGreetJoin)
    registerCommandHandler("NICK", checkGreetNick)

Alright! Seems about right. Now let's make sure bhottu loads the module itself. To do that I'll need to edit config.py and add Greetings into ENABLED_MODULES.

And there you go!

Now the module is ready to go! To test it, just do the steps written in the Running section.