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gpl3 version of the popular heroes of might and magic 2
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Freedom Fighters of Might & Magic

Freedom Fighters of Might & Magic is a strategy/rpg game based on the Heroes of Might & Magic saga. FFMM will be different with its own rules and it won't be a pure clone version.

For now it's in alpha version.

me (gentooza), I've just begun using python at work, and seeing how easy is to use it I've started to build a game (the dream of any boring industrial programmer) :-)

everybody is invited to participate and learn!

see ROADMAP for future works needed ,see CHANGELOG to see works already done


We are using python 3.5 and pygame 1.94

The work is based in libraries:


under GNU/linux:


images license

All the artwork is the battle for wesnoth artwork, not from FFMM, so it's licensed under the license estipulated by the wesnoth team

web page of "battle for wesnoth"


Freedom Fighters of Might & Magic is licensed under the GNU GPL3, see COPYING for a full copy of the license notice


  • gentooza : joa.cuellar(at)
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