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  1. img img Public

    Standalone, daemon-less, unprivileged Dockerfile and OCI compatible container image builder.

    Go 3.9k 229

  2. binctr binctr Public

    Fully static, unprivileged, self-contained, containers as executable binaries.

    Go 2.5k 83

  3. weather weather Public

    Weather via the command line.

    Go 959 114

  4. bane bane Public

    Custom & better AppArmor profile generator for Docker containers.

    Go 1.2k 85

  5. reg reg Public

    Docker registry v2 command line client and repo listing generator with security checks.

    Go 1.6k 172

  6. amicontained amicontained Public

    Container introspection tool. Find out what container runtime is being used as well as features available.

    Go 967 66


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