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For checking what collaborators, hooks, deploy keys, and protected branches you have added on all your GitHub repositories. This also scans all an organization's repos you have permission to view. Because nobody has enough RAM in their brain to remember this stuff for 100+ repos.

ARCHIVED IN FAVOR OF PEPPER: Check out genuinetools/pepper. Pepper does everything audit did.

Table of Contents



For installation instructions from binaries please visit the Releases Page.

Via Go

$ go get


$ audit -h
audit -  Tool to audit what collaborators, hooks, and deploy keys are on your GitHub repositories.

Usage: audit <command>


  -d      enable debug logging (default: false)
  -owner  only audit repos the token owner owns (default: false)
  -orgs   specific orgs to check (e.g. 'genuinetools')
  -repo   specific repo to test (e.g. 'genuinetools/audit') (default: <none>)
  -token  GitHub API token (or env var GITHUB_TOKEN)


  version  Show the version information.
$ audit --token 12345
genuinetools/apk-file ->
        Hooks (1):
                travis - active:true (
        Protected Branches (1): master

genuinetools/apparmor-docs ->
        Keys (1):
                jenkins - ro:false (
        Unprotected Branches (1): master

genuinetools/bane ->
        Hooks (1):
                travis - active:true (
        Protected Branches (1): master

genuinetools/battery ->
        Hooks (1):
                travis - active:true (
        Protected Branches (1): master
        Unprotected Branches (1): WIP

genuinetools/irssi ->
	Collaborators (3): tianon, genuinetools, docker-library-bot
	Hooks (1):
		docker - active:true (
	Protected Branches (1): master