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Plugin for campfire-bot that sends Standup emails using the command !standup.
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Currently, this only works with my fork. Hopefully, the maintainers of the main repo will pull in my changes.


This is a plugin for use with campfire-bot. It provides the ability to send daily standup emails to a list of people (your managers). This campfire-bot plugin is targeted at distributed teams that don't have the luxury of standing in the same room. The message goes out in the campfire room for all developers to see, and at the same time an email is sent to the configured list of managers so they can also see the status.


  1. First, make sure you install the campfire-bot gem.
  2. gem install campfire-bot-absentee-camper
  3. Create Gemfile with the following lines: gem 'campfire-bot' gem 'campfire-bot-standup'
  4. Create your standup-config.yml file (see below).
  5. Register the plugin to your main config.yml file


First, fire up the bot:

`bundle exec bot <environment>`

<environment> is the matching environment from the config file. Now, in the campfire room, give your standup status using the !standup command:

!standup Yesterday I goofed off a lot.  Today, after checking my Twitter feed, I will hopefully get some work done.

After sending this message, a message will be sent by the Campfire Bot that your standup email has been emailed to your manager(s):

Campfire B. Sent standup email to


Here is a sample config file:

  subject: Daily Standup
    # NOTE: The colons before these options are very important.
    #       Pony requires that the keys be symbols and not strings.
    :via: :smtp
      :port: 587
      :enable_starttls_auto: true
      :authentication: :plain
      :user_name: your-user-name
      :password: secret
  • production - This is the environment for which the settins apply. You can specify multiple environments (e.g. development, test, etc).
  • subject - The subject line of the outgoing email.
  • to - The list of email addresses where the email will be sent.
  • pony_options - The configuration options for Pony


  • Specs coming soon!


You have two options:

  • run bundle exec rake
  • run bundle exec guard for continuous feedback


Do the usual fork -> change -> pull request dance.

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