The OpenStreetMap Tile Server in a Docker container
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OpenStreetMap Tile Server Container

This repository contains instructions for building a Docker image containing the OpenStreetMap tile serving software stack. It is based on the Switch2OSM instructions.

As well as providing an easy way to set up and run the tile serving software it also provides instructions for managing the back end database, allowing you to:

  • Create the database
  • Import OSM data into the database
  • Drop the database

Run docker run homme/openstreetmap-tiles for usage instructions.


The container runs Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty) and is based on the phusion/baseimage-docker. It includes:

  • Postgresql 9.3
  • Apache 2.2
  • The latest Osm2pgsql code (at the time of image creation)
  • The latest Mapnik code (at the time of image creation)
  • The latest Mod_Tile code (at the time of image creation)


This is a work in progress and although generally adequate it could benefit from improvements. Please submit issues on GitHub. Pull requests are very welcome!