Content related to exploring the concept of virtual GeoJSON layers using GitHub.
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GitHub GeoJSON Virtual Layers

Exploring the concept of storing GeoJSON features in individual files in a single repository and using virtual layers to visualize them.

This concept should enable:

  • Applications to better circumvent GitHub file size limitations
  • The ability to fetch only those features required by the application
  • The ability to track edits/metadata for individual features (record level metadata)


  • A dataset is a repo,
  • A record in the dataset is a file,
  • The assemblage of the dataset is described by a vlayer file (json),
  • Views of datasets can be described by other vlayer files (json),
  • A (data.json)[] file describes the dataset
  • The vlayer and data.json files should be at the repo route

This approach is based upon a concept put forth by Mike Byrne.