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External References

The field dct_references_s defines external services and references using the CatInterOp approach. The field value is a serialized JSON array of key/value pairs, with keys representing XML namespace URI's and values the URL.

Type Reference URI Enables in GeoBlacklight
Web Mapping Service (WMS) Layer preview, layer preview feature inspection, downloads (vector: KMZ, raster: GeoTIFF)
Web Feature Service (WFS) Vector downloads in GeoJSON and Shapefile
International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) Image API Image viewer using Leaflet-IIIF
Direct download file Direct file download feature
Data dictionary / documentation download Direct documentation download link
Full layer description Further descriptive information about layer
Metadata in ISO 19139 Structured metadata in ISO standard expressed as XML
Metadata in FGDC Structured metadata in FGDC standard expressed as XML
Metadata in MODS Structured metadata in MODS format
Metadata in HTML Structured metadata in any standard expressed as HTML
ArcGIS FeatureLayer urn:x-esri:serviceType:ArcGIS#FeatureLayer Previewing of ArcGIS FeatureLayer Service
ArcGIS TiledMapLayer urn:x-esri:serviceType:ArcGIS#TiledMapLayer Previewing of ArcGIS TiledMapLayer Service
ArcGIS DynamicMapLayer urn:x-esri:serviceType:ArcGIS#DynamicMapLayer Previewing of ArcGIS DynamicMapLayer Service
ArcGIS ImageMapLayer urn:x-esri:serviceType:ArcGIS#ImageMapLayer Previewing of ArcGIS ImageMapLayer Service
Harvard Geospatial Library Email Download Retrieve a file via email from the Harvard Geospatial Library
OpenIndexMap Provide an index map preview