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To bootstrap a new GeoBlacklight Rails application

$ rails new app-name -m


$ cd app-name
$ rake geoblacklight:server


To deploy your own instances of GeoBlacklight, follow these steps:

  1. Build a Solr 4.7+ index with geoblacklight-schema documents. The GeoCombine project has converters from FGDC and ISO 19139 to GeoBlacklight. You can use these as a starting point to generate GeoBlacklight documents. Also, you can see examples of geoblacklight.json Solr documents in Stanford's OpenGeoMetadata repository -- for example, here.

  2. Configure your GeoBlacklight application's config/blacklight.yml to point to your Solr index.

  3. Configure your config/environments/ and app/controllers/catalog_controller.rb as needed.

  4. rails server to run GeoBlacklight.

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