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import hashlib as md5
except ImportError: # Python <2.5
import md5
import random
import types
import urllib
import urlparse
from python_digest.utils import parse_parts, format_parts
_REQUIRED_DIGEST_RESPONSE_PARTS = ['username', 'realm', 'nonce', 'uri', 'response', 'algorithm',
'opaque', 'qop', 'nc', 'cnonce']
_REQUIRED_DIGEST_CHALLENGE_PARTS = ['realm', 'nonce', 'stale', 'algorithm',
'opaque', 'qop']
def validate_uri(digest_uri, request_path):
digest_url_components = urlparse.urlparse(digest_uri)
return urllib.unquote(digest_url_components[2]) == request_path
def validate_nonce(nonce, secret):
Is the nonce one that was generated by this library using the provided secret?
nonce_components = nonce.split(':', 2)
if not len(nonce_components) == 3:
return False
timestamp = nonce_components[0]
salt = nonce_components[1]
nonce_signature = nonce_components[2]
calculated_nonce = calculate_nonce(timestamp, secret, salt)
if not nonce == calculated_nonce:
return False
return True
def calculate_partial_digest(username, realm, password):
Calculate a partial digest that may be stored and used to authenticate future
HTTP Digest sessions.
return md5.md5("%s:%s:%s" % (username.encode('utf-8'), realm, password.encode('utf-8'))).hexdigest()
def build_digest_challenge(timestamp, secret, realm, opaque, stale):
Builds a Digest challenge that may be sent as the value of the 'WWW-Authenticate' header
in a 401 or 403 response.
'opaque' may be any value - it will be returned by the client.
'timestamp' will be incorporated and signed in the nonce - it may be retrieved from the
client's authentication request using get_nonce_timestamp()
nonce = calculate_nonce(timestamp, secret)
return 'Digest %s' % format_parts(realm=realm, qop='auth', nonce=nonce,
opaque=opaque, algorithm='MD5',
stale=stale and 'true' or 'false')
def calculate_request_digest(method, partial_digest, digest_response=None,
uri=None, nonce=None, nonce_count=None, client_nonce=None):
Calculates a value for the 'response' value of the client authentication request.
Requires the 'partial_digest' calculated from the realm, username, and password.
Either call it with a digest_response to use the values from an authentication request,
or pass the individual parameters (i.e. to generate an authentication request).
if digest_response:
if uri or nonce or nonce_count or client_nonce:
raise Exception("Both digest_response and one or more "
"individual parameters were sent.")
uri = digest_response.uri
nonce = digest_response.nonce
nonce_count =
elif not (uri and nonce and (nonce_count != None) and client_nonce):
raise Exception("Neither digest_response nor all individual parameters were sent.")
ha2 = md5.md5("%s:%s" % (method, uri)).hexdigest()
data = "%s:%s:%s:%s:%s" % (nonce, "%08x" % nonce_count, client_nonce, 'auth', ha2)
kd = md5.md5("%s:%s" % (partial_digest, data)).hexdigest()
return kd
def get_nonce_timestamp(nonce):
Extract the timestamp from a Nonce. To be sure the timestamp was generated by this site,
make sure you validate the nonce using validate_nonce().
components = nonce.split(':',2)
if not len(components) == 3:
return None
return float(components[0])
except ValueError:
return None
def calculate_nonce(timestamp, secret, salt=None):
Generate a nonce using the provided timestamp, secret, and salt. If the salt is not provided,
(and one should only be provided when validating a nonce) one will be generated randomly
in order to ensure that two simultaneous requests do not generate identical nonces.
if not salt:
salt = ''.join([random.choice('0123456789ABCDEF') for x in range(4)])
return "%s:%s:%s" % (timestamp, salt,
md5.md5("%s:%s:%s" % (timestamp, salt, secret)).hexdigest())
def build_authorization_request(username, method, uri, nonce_count, digest_challenge=None,
realm=None, nonce=None, opaque=None, password=None,
request_digest=None, client_nonce=None):
Builds an authorization request that may be sent as the value of the 'Authorization'
header in an HTTP request.
Either a digest_challenge object (as returned from parse_digest_challenge) or its required
component parameters (nonce, realm, opaque) must be provided.
The nonce_count should be the last used nonce_count plus one.
Either the password or the request_digest should be provided - if provided, the password
will be used to generate a request digest. The client_nonce is optional - if not provided,
a random value will be generated.
if not client_nonce:
client_nonce = ''.join([random.choice('0123456789ABCDEF') for x in range(32)])
if digest_challenge and (realm or nonce or opaque):
raise Exception("Both digest_challenge and one or more of realm, nonce, and opaque"
"were sent.")
if digest_challenge:
if isinstance(digest_challenge, types.StringType):
digest_challenge_header = digest_challenge
digest_challenge = parse_digest_challenge(digest_challenge_header)
if not digest_challenge:
raise Exception("The provided digest challenge header could not be parsed: %s" %
realm = digest_challenge.realm
nonce = digest_challenge.nonce
opaque = digest_challenge.opaque
elif not (realm and nonce and opaque):
raise Exception("Either digest_challenge or realm, nonce, and opaque must be sent.")
if password and request_digest:
raise Exception("Both password and calculated request_digest were sent.")
elif not request_digest:
if not password:
raise Exception("Either password or calculated request_digest must be provided.")
partial_digest = calculate_partial_digest(username, realm, password)
request_digest = calculate_request_digest(method, partial_digest, uri=uri, nonce=nonce,
return 'Digest %s' % format_parts(username=username, realm=realm, nonce=nonce, uri=uri,
response=request_digest, algorithm='MD5', opaque=opaque,
qop='auth', nc='%08x' % nonce_count, cnonce=client_nonce)
def _check_required_parts(parts, required_parts):
if parts == None:
return False
missing_parts = [part for part in required_parts if not part in parts]
return len(missing_parts) == 0
def _build_object_from_parts(parts, names):
obj = type("", (), {})()
for part_name in names:
setattr(obj, part_name, parts[part_name])
return obj
def parse_digest_response(digest_response_string):
Parse the parameters of a Digest response. The input is a comma separated list of
token=(token|quoted-string). See RFCs 2616 and 2617 for details.
Known issue: this implementation will fail if there are commas embedded in quoted-strings.
parts = parse_parts(digest_response_string, defaults={'algorithm': 'MD5'})
if not _check_required_parts(parts, _REQUIRED_DIGEST_RESPONSE_PARTS):
return None
if not parts['nc'] or [c for c in parts['nc'] if not c in '0123456789abcdefABCDEF']:
return None
parts['nc'] = int(parts['nc'], 16)
digest_response = _build_object_from_parts(parts, _REQUIRED_DIGEST_RESPONSE_PARTS)
if ('MD5', 'auth') != (digest_response.algorithm, digest_response.qop):
return None
return digest_response
def is_digest_credential(authorization_header):
Determines if the header value is potentially a Digest response sent by a client (i.e.
if it starts with 'Digest ' (case insensitive).
return authorization_header[:7].lower() == 'digest '
def parse_digest_credentials(authorization_header):
Parses the value of an 'Authorization' header. Returns an object with properties
corresponding to each of the recognized parameters in the header.
if not is_digest_credential(authorization_header):
return None
return parse_digest_response(authorization_header[7:])
def is_digest_challenge(authentication_header):
Determines if the header value is potentially a Digest challenge sent by a server (i.e.
if it starts with 'Digest ' (case insensitive).
return authentication_header[:7].lower() == 'digest '
def parse_digest_challenge(authentication_header):
Parses the value of a 'WWW-Authenticate' header. Returns an object with properties
corresponding to each of the recognized parameters in the header.
if not is_digest_challenge(authentication_header):
return None
parts = parse_parts(authentication_header[7:], defaults={'algorithm': 'MD5',
'stale': 'false'})
if not _check_required_parts(parts, _REQUIRED_DIGEST_CHALLENGE_PARTS):
return None
parts['stale'] = parts['stale'].lower() == 'true'
digest_challenge = _build_object_from_parts(parts, _REQUIRED_DIGEST_CHALLENGE_PARTS)
if ('MD5', 'auth') != (digest_challenge.algorithm, digest_challenge.qop):
return None
return digest_challenge
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