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Git and GitHub

Our learning plan is here:


Read the intro and follow the tutorial:

HTML Reference

One of the best HTML and CSS references available is the Mozilla Developers Network


MDN has a nice, concise overview of the language:

If you're accustomed to object oriented languages with class-based inheritence, you might find this discussion of Javascript's prototype-based inheritence helpful:

If you're interested in deeper understanding, Douglas Crockford's talks are highly recommended, as is his book.


  • The offical docs are very good.
  • Here's a tutorial with a general overview of the features:
  • A great book on the subject is JQuery in Action, which has a particularly good section on the event model Jquery uses (which abstracts away some of the browser-specific quirks in event dispatch).

Google Maps API

The docs for version 3 of the Maps API live here:

KML is the XML schema used for through out Google's Map and Earth products for specifying geographic data. The schema has excellect documentation that you should become familiar with.



Open questions: