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Tiling process
zoom 0 is full world
runs from -180 to 180 longitude
runs from -90 to 270 latitude
size of tile is 360/2**zoom level
west end of tile = -180+(x*(size)/2)
east end of tile = west end + size
south = -90+(y*(size)/2)
north = south + size
three ways to represent data:
1. raw data store
2. pre-tile representation (optional, goal)
3. actual json tile
cells per tile, must be even, 10x10, should not be hardcoded
overall code structure:
1. database implementation for data
1a. generate random test data
1b. use sqlite for now
2. generating tiles
for pt in pts:
for tiles containing pt:
write pt to file
write out all tiles
calculating which tiles a point is in:
tile.west < point.lng < tile.east
tile.south < < tile.north
-180+(x*(360/(2**(z+1))) = point.lng
(x*(360/(2**(z+1))) = point.lng+180
x = (point.lng+180)/(360/(2**(z+1)))
y = ( 90)/(360/(2**(z+1)))
take floor x, you just got tile index!
(using current settings for
for zoom in range(10):
xf = (point.lng+180)/(360/(2**(z+1)))
yf = ( 90)/(360/(2**(z+1)))
xmax = math.floor(xf)
ymax = math.floor(yf)
xmin = max(0,xmax-1)
ymin = max(0,ymax-1)
xcell = math.floor(((xf-xmax)*CELLS_PER_TILE)*2)
ycell = math.floor(((yf-ymax)*CELLS_PER_TILE)*2)
for x in range(xmin,xmax+1):
for y in range(ymin,ymax+1):
tile = tiles[zoom,x,y]
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