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This Django site uses git submodules to pull in closely related packages from external git repositories.


Submodules should be cloned into this submodules directory.

If a submodule requires that external Python modules be installed, they should be listed in a file named requirements.txt in that submodule's top-level directory. Initializing the site (./ prep) will install the requirements with pip.

For submodules that define Django apps, the directory within the submodule that defines the app (the one that contains the file) should be symlinked into the apps directory, which is in the PYTHONPATH for the site. For example, apps/geocamUtil might be a symlink to submodules/geocamUtilWeb/geocamUtil. (In some cases, a single submodule might define multiple apps which are separately symlinked into the apps directory.)

Example of Adding a New Submodule

cd geocamMapFasten
# note: using public (read-only) submodule URL to allow devs without
# write access to fetch submodule
git submodule add git:// submodules/geocamUtilWeb
ln -s ../submodules/geocamUtilWeb/geocamUtil apps/geocamUtil
git add apps/geocamUtil # check the symlink into git
git commit -m 'added geocamUtil app'