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Copyright (C) 2008-2010 United States Government as represented by
the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
All Rights Reserved.

geocamMapSet -- Django app for managing multi-layer mapsets with mapSetJSON

The geocamMapSet Python/Django app provides a map layer editor easily integrated with other websites. It is based on the MapSetJSON JavaScript library.


Maintenance of the mapSetJSON specification and development on this application is managed by NASA and Carnegie Mellon University, as part of the larger geocam disaster response management initiative. However, third-party development and use is strongly encouraged.

geocamMapSet is licensed under the NASA OPEN SOURCE AGREEMENT VERSION 1.3, see the file LICENSE for more information.

Setting up

You can get geocamMapSet via Github by saying:

git clone

To run the application with the integrated items, do the following:

python example/ syncdb
python example/ runserver

Using the libraries in your web pages

The geocamMapSet git repository integrates the following:

  • the actual geocamMapSet Django app, in subtree geocamMapSet
  • the mapSetJSON management libraries, in subtree geocamMapSet/static
  • an example Django site, in subtree example

Add the simple mapset viewer to your page:

map = new mxn.Mapstraction('mapdiv','googlev3');
mgr = new geocamMapSet.MapSetManager(“/mymapset.json”, map,

Now add the mapset editor to your page:

mgr.showLibrary(“/library?q={{ searchString }}&n={{ maxNumLayers }}”,

Hosting the libraries on your web site

The mapSetJSON management library geocamMapSetLib.js can be hosted on your site. To get a copy, clone the geocamMapSet project or download the latest source from the Github project page. Then copy the library to the location of your Javascript files for your site.

You will additionally need to include jQuery in your app, as it is required by the geocamMapset library. If you are not already using jQuery you can use the version that is included with the geocamMapSet application.

The library is located within the project hierarchy here: