Android app for a field scribe to take geotagged notes and audio messages
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GeoCam Memo for Android

1   About

The GeoCam Project helps people better understand and respond to disasters. GeoCam consists of a GPS-enabled camera (or cell phone) and a web app for sharing geotagged photos and other geospatial data.

GeoCam Memo For Android is the android component of a scribing and note-taking application intended for use by search team members as they canvas the scene of a disaster. Notes can be recorded using text or audio and various forms of attachments (including but not limited to images) can be attached for transmission to a central server. All messages can be geotagged and categorized before saving to provide proper context when analyzing them via a web interface at a later time.

2   News

Visit and for updates.

3   Setup

We used eclipse to do development of both the GeoCam Memo application and its associated Robolectric test project. As such, this README will provide directions on how to import and set up the projects in your eclipse instance.

3.1   Dependencies

  1. Once all dependencies have been installed, clone the GeoCamMemoForAndroid repository to the path of your choice

    git clone
  2. Launch your Eclipse instance and from the File menu, select Import...

    1. Select General -> Existing Projects into Workspace; Next >
    2. In the Select root directory: field, provide the location to which you cloned the repository
    3. In the Projects field, put a check box into both the GeoCamMemoForAndroid and GeoCamMemoForAndroidTest fields. You may need to click the Refresh button if the projects are not visible. Choose whether you'd like to copy the contents into your workspace and click Finish

4   Running

From eclipse, select Run > Run As... > Android Application and select your target. For more information on running / emulating android applications from eclipse, see the official Android documentation:

5   Testing

The GeoCamMemoForAndroid project uses Robolectric in order to remove reliance on the emulator. Setting this up requires the following steps:

  1. Right click the GeocamMemoForAndroidTest project from the package or file explorer and select Run As > Run Configurations ...
  2. If a GeocamMemoForAndroidTest in the Junit section, select it. If no such entry exists, double click on the JUnit section to create one.
  3. On the Test tab, set the Test runner: field to JUnit 4.
  4. On the Arguments tab, choose the Other radio button in the Working Directory section. Click the Workspace... button.
    1. Click the GeocamMemoForAndroid project then click OK
  5. Click Run to launch the test suite. If prompted to select a test runner, select the Eclipse JUnit test runner.

Future runs can be initiated by right clicking on the project and selecting Run As > GeocamMemoForAndroidTest among other methods. See eclipse documentation for additional shortcuts and methods of initiating junit tests.