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cd13a49 Trey Smith added *~ to gitignore
trey0 authored
1 *~
f1fd143 Initial commit following geocamDjangoAppSkeleton creation
Adam Grant authored
2 *.pyc
3 dev.db
5 media/ugc
6 docs/_build/
7 src/
8 pip-log.txt
9 media/js/*.r*.js
10 media/css/*.r*.css
11 *DS_Store
12 *.egg-info
b28a97a Patrick Baumann ignoring eclipse project files
patrickbaumann authored
13 .project
14 .pydevproject
f9b2523 Patrick Baumann Prettying up of html, fix geoloc null and updated json
patrickbaumann authored
15 .tmp*
943a15b Patrick Baumann Ok, let's try the parent .gitignore file?
patrickbaumann authored
16 .settings
17 geocamMemo/
e57a4be Patrick Baumann Ignoring media
patrickbaumann authored
18 example/media/*
c552172 Trey Smith fixed pylint and pep8 warnings
trey0 authored
19 \#.*\#
20 .\#*
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