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-Fill me in
+The BayMaps SF Bay Common Operating Picture, now under development, is a
+map sharing system for emergency management, designed to help teams
+coordinate and improve situation awareness.
+BayMaps is a partnership of a wide variety of government agencies and
+companies. The project kickoff was a workshop sponsored by the
+`Association of Bay Area Governments`_ in May 2012.
+The BayMaps web service is built on software developed by the `GeoCam
+Project`_, which helps disaster responders get information faster by
+sharing maps, photos, and other data using their mobile devices. The
+GeoCam team is part of the `NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group`_, and
+the project is funded by Google. GeoCam software is released open source
+and interoperates using open standards.
+.. _Association of Bay Area Governments:
+.. _GeoCam Project:
+.. _NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group:
+These installation instructions are a work in progress. If you follow
+the directions and run into problems, let us know!
+Our primary development platform for these tools is Ubuntu Linux 11.10
+(Oneiric Ocelot), running Python 2.7 and Django 1.4. For the basic
+installation we use Django's built-in development web server with a
+SQLite 3.7 database. For the advanced installation we use the Apache
+2.2 web server hosting Python using mod_wsgi 3.3.2, with a MySQL 5.1
+We have also successfully installed some of these tools on RedHat
+Enterprise Linux 6, Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), and an Ubuntu virtual
+machine running under VMWare on a Windows host. However, we do not
+officially support those platforms. Our installation instructions below
+assume Ubuntu.
+Set Up an Install Location
+ export GEOCAM_DIR=$HOME/projects/geocam # or choose your own
+ mkdir -p $GEOCAM_DIR
+Get the Source
+Check out our latest source revision with::
+ git clone git://
+For more information on the Git version control system, visit `the Git home page`_.
+You can install Git on Ubuntu with::
+ sudo apt-get install git-core
+.. _the Git home page:
+Optionally Install virtualenv (Recommended)
+Especially for a quick test install, we recommend using the virtualenv_
+tool to put the relevant Python packages in an isolated sandbox where
+they won't conflict with other Python tools on your system.
+.. _virtualenv:
+To install virtualenv, create a sandbox named ``packages``, and
+"activate" the sandbox::
+ sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv
+ mkdir $GEOCAM_DIR/virtualenv
+ cd $GEOCAM_DIR/virtualenv
+ virtualenv --no-site-packages geocamBayMaps
+ source geocamBayMaps/bin/activate
+After your sandbox is activated, package management tools such as
+``easy_install`` and ``pip`` will install packages into your sandbox
+rather than the standard system-wide Python directory, and the Python
+interpreter will know how to import packages installed in your sandbox.
+You'll need to source the ``activate`` script every time you log in
+to reactivate the sandbox.
+Install Non-Python Packages
+First install Ubuntu packages::
+ # tools for Python package compilation and management
+ sudo apt-get install python2.6-dev python-pip
+ # basic database
+ sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev
+Set Up the Site
+To install Python dependencies, generate initial configuration files,
+and collect static files for the server, run::
+ cd $GEOCAM_DIR/geocamBayMaps
+ ./ bootstrap --yes
+ source $GEOCAM_DIR/geocamBayMaps/
+ ./ prep
+You'll need to source the ```` file every time you open a new
+shell if you want to run Share-related Python scripts such as starting
+the Django development web server. The ```` file will also
+take care of activating your virtualenv environment in new shells, if
+you were in a virtualenv when you ran ````.
+To initialize the database::
+ $GEOCAM_DIR/geocamBayMaps/ syncdb
+The syncdb script will ask you if you want to create a Django superuser.
+We recommend answering 'yes' and setting the admin username to ``root``
+for compatibility with our utility scripts.
+Try It Out
+To run the Django development web server::
+ $GEOCAM_DIR/geocamBayMaps/ runserver
+Now you're ready to try it out! If you can open a web browser on the
+same host where Share is installed, you can start using the app by
+visiting http://localhost:8000/ in that browser.
.. o Copyright (C) 2008-2010 United States Government as represented by

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