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user prompt: more styling

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commit 1909f66fe3f18cfbdc3d6aa75f27379d66305b9f 1 parent 6a07b2c
@trey0 trey0 authored
Showing with 3 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −3 geocamTiePoint/static/geocamTiePoint/js/backbone/views.js
6 geocamTiePoint/static/geocamTiePoint/js/backbone/views.js
@@ -489,10 +489,10 @@ $(function($) {
'<input type="text" id="locationSearch" placeholder="Location"></input>' +
'</span>' +
'{{#unless alignedTilesUrl}}'+
- '<span class="alert" style="">'+
+ '<span class="alert">'+
'<span class="floatleft">Add matching tiepoints on both sides to align your overlay.</span>'+
- '<button id="promptHelp" class="btn btn-mini floatright">More Help</button>'+
- '<button class="btn btn-mini floatright" data-dismiss="alert">Dismiss</button>'+
+ '<button id="promptHelp" class="btn btn-mini">More Help</button>'+
+ '<button class="btn btn-mini floatright" data-dismiss="alert">Dismiss [x]</button>'+
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