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changed user-visible name: export -> share

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1 parent 2bd5793 commit f8e80b6f2de9d231133aa9cb03a538d9d59424ac @trey0 trey0 committed Oct 29, 2012
@@ -502,7 +502,7 @@ $(function($) {
['Click matching landmarks on both sides to add tiepoints and align your overlay.',
- ['Use "Export" to see options for viewing your overlay in maps outside this site.',
+ ['Use "Share" to see options for viewing your overlay in maps outside this site.',
function () {
@@ -548,7 +548,7 @@ $(function($) {
'</div>' +
'<button class="btn"><label for="show_preview"><input id="show_preview" type="checkbox" checked="true"/>Show Preview</label></button>' +
'<div id="save-export" class="btn-group">'+
- '<button class="btn" id="export">Export</button>'+
+ '<button class="btn" id="export">Share</button>'+
'<button class="btn" id="save">Save</button>'+
'<span id="saveStatus" data-saving-text="Saving..." data-saved-text="Saved." data-save-error="SAVE ERROR!"></span>'+
@@ -1026,11 +1026,11 @@ $(function($) {
- template: '<h1>Export Overlay {{name}}</h1>'+
+ template: '<h1>Share Overlay {{name}}</h1>'+
'{{#if alignedTilesUrl}}' +
'<div id="simple_viewer">' +
'<a href="/overlay/{{key}}/simpleViewer_{{nospecials name}}.html" target="simpleViewer">' +
- 'View example code for displaying your overlay in any Google Maps API map' +
+ 'View a web page displaying your aligned overlay that you can download and serve from your web site' +
'</a></div>' +
'{{/if}}' +
'{{#if exportUrl}}'+
@@ -12,8 +12,16 @@
- <a href="#" onclick="window.location = 'view-source:' + window.location; return false;">View Source</a>
- - Copy and paste the JavaScript from this page into your own Google Maps API Map to display your overlay
+ You can save this web page and serve it from your own web site as an easy way
+ to share your overlay.
+ You can also cut and paste the JavaScript that loads this overlay into
+ any map built with the
+ <a href="">
+ Google Maps API</a>,
+ and you can use this technique to load multiple overlays at the same
+ time.
<b>MapFasten: {{ name }}</b>&nbsp;

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