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Commits on Oct 03, 2012
@deleted deleted Adds delete funcitonality to overlay list view 6cebdc4
@deleted deleted refactor tiepoint drawing for DRY and in prep for undo/redo support
@deleted deleted undo/redo functional for tiepoint actions 0486ae9
@deleted deleted Slight refactor: creates a OverlayGoogleMapsView base class that Spli…
…tOverlayView is not descended from.
@deleted deleted Warp and save buttons combined. 134ba15
@deleted deleted Robustify marker select handler creation. 2f21dcf
Commits on Oct 04, 2012
@deleted deleted Autosave, and auto-updating qtree overlay. 536689b
@deleted deleted Fix a bug that was stopping the SplitOverlayView from loading on over…
…lay create.
@deleted deleted The cheapest possible fix to keep overlay preview up to date. 71f7836
@deleted deleted Marker selection persists on markers redraw 7f588d7
@trey0 trey0 fixed problem with inaccurate image extensions within export archive;…
… now export .tar.gz instead of .zip by default
@trey0 trey0 fix pylint/pep8 warnings 551fc58
@trey0 trey0 make cachedGeneratorG thread-local to avoid issues in mult…
…i-threaded django dev server
@trey0 trey0 thread-safe cachedGeneratorG second attempt 224ec51
@deleted deleted Caps normalization 1b9d6e5
@trey0 trey0 fixed misleading error message 69f90cb
Commits on Oct 05, 2012
@trey0 trey0 folded warp into save 4d040ca
@trey0 trey0 changed interpretation of GEOCAM_TIE_POINT_ZOOM_LEVELS_PAST_OVERLAY_R…
…ESOLUTION; now support dynamic zoom past overlay resolution but do not generate more tiles in export
@trey0 trey0 overlay-view.js: fixed alignment logic for small number of tie points 3e1d18d
@trey0 trey0 fixed logic for high-res zooming; WarpedQuadTree tileBounds now calcu…
…lated dynamically
@trey0 trey0 added garbage collection bc003d0
@jrasky jrasky Did preliminary implementation of new workflow 729be7e
@jrasky jrasky Added delete page, delete button doesn't work because javascript is b…
…eing stupid
@jrasky jrasky Conflict managed b8ec809
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