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k/q mode for emacs
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k/q mode for emacs.



  • (load "/path/to/kq-mode.el")
  • Optional: (setq kq-default-language "q")
  • (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.[kq]\\'" . kq-mode))
  • M-x kq-connect and connect to your kdb-process

###Interactive Mode When connected to a remote kdb process, the connected window is interactive: You can type k/q commands and they will be sent to the remote machine asynchronously. will output to the region right after the command even if another command is sent. .z.slot identifies that region to Emacs.

See kq-extras.k for a plot function that will emit a graph into the interactive region (requires Emacs SVG support) ###Major Mode The KQ major mode attaches to a kdb process. Pressing C-c C-c will send the code at the point to kdb which is convenient for interactive programming.

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