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Here Geocoder provider

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This is the Here provider from the PHP Geocoder. This is a READ ONLY repository. See the main repo for information and documentation.

You can find the documentation for the provider here.


composer require geocoder-php/here-provider


New applications on the Here platform use the api_key authentication method.

$httpClient = new \Http\Discovery\Psr18Client();

// You must provide an API key
$provider = \Geocoder\Provider\Here\Here::createUsingApiKey($httpClient, 'your-api-key');

$result = $geocoder->geocodeQuery(GeocodeQuery::create('Buckingham Palace, London'));

If you're using the legacy app_code authentication method, use the constructor on the provider like so:

$httpClient = new \Http\Discovery\Psr18Client();

// You must provide both the app_id and app_code
$provider = new \Geocoder\Provider\Here\Here($httpClient, 'app-id', 'app-code');

$result = $geocoder->geocodeQuery(GeocodeQuery::create('Buckingham Palace, London'));

Language parameter

Define the preferred language of address elements in the result. Without a preferred language, the Here geocoder will return results in an official country language or in a regional primary language so that local people will understand. Language code must be provided according to RFC 4647 standard.


Contributions are very welcome! Send a pull request to the main repository or report any issues you find on the issue tracker.