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MapQuest Geocoder provider

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This is the MapQuest provider from the PHP Geocoder. This is a READ ONLY repository. See the main repo for information and documentation.


composer require geocoder-php/mapquest-provider

Geocode with more exact addresses

The MapQuest Provider allows you to create and pass geocode queries based on a full Address object of class Geocoder\Model\Address or any other object that implements Geocoder\Location.

This will take advantage of what MapQuest calls the 5-box Input address format. Quote from MapQuest Developer: Specifying Locations:

The 5-Box Input address format (which is compatible with JSON and XML), allows for a higher degree of address specification by entering the full address in its individual location parameters. The 5-Box Input format is beneficial as it bypasses the parsing functionality of the single-line request.

If you have an object of a class that implements Geocoder\Location stored in the variable $address, this new type of GeocodeQuery can be created with:

$query = GeocodeQuery::create('foobar');
$query = $query->withData(MapQuest::DATA_KEY_ADDRESS, $address);

If you want the GeocodeQuery to also work fine with all the other providers, you will need to convert the $address object to a text string first. Say you have stored this text string in the variable $addressAsString, the the example will read as follows:

$query = GeocodeQuery::create($addressAsString);
$query = $query->withData(MapQuest::DATA_KEY_ADDRESS, $address);

Here is a more complete example with use statements, and building of the address object:


use Geocoder\Model\AddressBuilder;
use Geocoder\Provider\MapQuest\MapQuest;
use Geocoder\Query\GeocodeQuery;

$provider = new MapQuest($httpClient, $apiKey);

$addressBuilder = new AddressBuilder('Address provided by me');
  ->setStreetName('Payne Rd');
      new AdminLevel(1, 'Tennessee', 'TN')
$address = $addressBuilder->build();

$query = GeocodeQuery::create('dummy data');
$query = $query->withData(MapQuest::DATA_KEY_ADDRESS, $address);

$results = $provider->geocodeQuery($query);


Contributions are very welcome! Send a pull request to the main repository or report any issues you find on the issue tracker.