Dockerfiles for geo/spatial applications, services, and libraries
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Geocontainer Dockerfiles

The Geocontainer project is an independent place to collaborate on Dockerfiles from the geo/spatial domain.

For more on the project see


Through inspired by Biodocker this project does not have any rules for requirements for Dockerfiles. Which of course does not mean, that badly written Dockerfiles will be part of this repository. For know, everything in this repo will only have to "work".

This probably changes with time as the community and experiences grow (hopefully).

So to contribute a Dockerfile or documentation under the Geocontainers label, please simply open a pull request.


Geocontainers currently does not have any minimum requirements or quality control. We're still growing.

Contributions in this area are extremely welcome, see #1.


All files in this repository are licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0, see file LICENSE.

Copyright (C) 2016 - Geocontainer contributors.