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Tool for conducting systematic literature reviews and mapping studies
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ReLiS is a tool for conducting systematic reviews.

Systematic review is a technique used to search for evidence in scientific literature that is conducted in a formal manner, following a well-defined process, according to a previously elaborated protocol. Conducting a systematic reviews involves many steps over a long period of time, and is often laborious and repetitive. This is why we have created ReLiS which provides essential software support to reviewers in conducting high quality systematic reviews. With ReLiS, you can plan, conduct, and report your review.

Unlike other systematic review tools, ReLiS is an online tool that automatically installs and configures your projects. You conduct reviews collaboratively and iteratively on the cloud. ReLiS is engineered following a model-driven development approach. It features a domain-specific modeling editor and an architecture that enables on-the-fly installation and (re)configuration of multiple concurrently running projects.

You can use a publically available instance of ReLiS at This GitHub repository allows you to install ReLiS on your servers.


High-level features supported:

  • Collaboration support
  • Protocol development and modification iteratively
  • Traceability
  • Decision tracking
  • Support inclusion and exculsion
  • Support quality assessment
  • Data extraction form
  • Data management
  • Data maintenance
  • Basic statistical analysis
  • Report preparation
  • Data sharing
  • Visualization
  • Export studies and data
  • Storage of studies (all but PDF)



Source code

To compile the source code, you need the following dependencies:

The source code is licensed under a GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 3 GNU GPL v3

Change log

Version 1.0


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