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ASPECT v1.4.0

@tjhei tjhei released this
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This release includes the following changes:

  • Complete overhaul of the particle architecture.
  • Modularization of the assembly process.
  • Large improvements to serial and parallel performance of particle handling.
  • Support for traction boundary conditions.
  • Support for time-dependent mesh refinement criteria.
  • Flexible support for modifying the underlying FEM variables for the PDE.
  • Optional DG support for temperature and compositional fields.
  • More robust parallel file I/O.
  • Support for tangential mesh velocity boundaries in free surface
  • Support for anisotropic viscosity.
  • Various fixes to free surface computations: checkpointing, better
    stabilization, crash fixes.
  • New Chunk Geometry model.
  • New material property averaging options.
  • Complete rewrite of the heating model infrastructure.
  • Several new cookbooks.
  • Several new postprocessors.
  • Support for signals in various locations that allows plugins to
    inspect/manipulate things inside the core application.
  • Several new mesh refinement plugins.
  • Improved spherical interpolation of data used in the GPlates plugin.
  • Many other fixes and small improvements.

A complete list of changes can be found at
and the release is also available from