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ASPECT v1.5.0

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@tjhei tjhei released this 01 Mar 03:20

This release includes the following changes:

  • New: Choice between different formulations for the governing equations
    including Boussinesq and anelastic liquid approximation.
  • New: Melt transport (two-phase flow).
  • Particles: new generators, ghost exchange, performance improvements,
    interpolation to fields.
  • New: Nondimensional material model for incompressible (using the Boussinesq
    approximation) and compressible computations (with ALA or TALA) for
    nondimensionalized problems. This can be used for benchmark problems like
    Blankenbach, King, etc..
  • New: Optional DG method for temperature/composition.
  • Adiabatic conditions: rework, now includes a reference density profile.
  • Free surface: overhaul.
  • New cookbooks: continental extension, finite strain, BurnMan interface,
    active tracers.
  • New benchmarks: TanGurnis, Blankenbach, King.
  • New: viscoplastic material model.
  • Material model interface cleanup.
  • Assembly performance improvements.
  • New: memory statistics postprocessor.
  • New: initial topography plugins.
  • Many other fixes and small improvements.

A complete list of changes can be found at