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SealEveL EquatioN solver - version 4


This repository contains SELEN, an open-source Fortran code for the numerical solution of the Sea Level Equation (SLE) for a spherical, layered, rotating Eartch with viscoelastic rheology.

SELEN implements a gravitationally and topographically self-consistent SLE and can compute several quantities of interest for the Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) problem, including Relative Sea-Level (RSL) curves, present-day sealevel rates at tide gauges, surface deformations and perturbations of the gravity field, geodetic fingerprints and paleo-topography maps.

SELEN includes portions of the SHTOOLS library by Mark A. Wieczorek and Matthias Meschede and surboutines from Max Tegmark for the icosahedron-shaped pixelization of the sphere.

SELEN is distributed under the 3-clause BSD license.


To install SELEN, just download the repository to a local directory. Some files in the DATA/ directory are compressed to reduce disk usage; before running SELEN for the first time they shound be expanded by typing gunzip *.gz inside the DATA/ directory. The SELEN executables can be built by typing make in the src/ directory. For further details, see the SELEN User guide User_Manual.pdf.