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Welcome to the development wiki of SPECFEM3D. The goal of this page is to provide instructions and best practices to guide developers and contributing scientists. It is intended as a developer reference, not as a replacement for the user manual.

  • Best Practices: Accepted conventions for SPECFEM development are described here. To create a product that is maintainable over the long term, it is important that contributing scientists follow these conventions.

  • Software Carpentry Git Tutorial: For those who are not familiar with Git, we recommend attempting this tutorial, or even better, attending an in-person tutorial session if available in your area.

  • Using Git for SPECFEM: The standard way of contributing to SPECFEM development is described here. This approach is recommended for most users, especially those not familiar with Git. These instructions are adequate for contributing to SPECFEM, but we recommend that all new users to Git attempt the tutorial above for more complete understanding of the workflow.

  • FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY / PLEASE DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING / Advanced Git Topics: Alternative procedures for contributing to SPECFEM are described here, along with advanced aspects of Git and GitHub. MOST USERS CAN SAFELY IGNORE THIS SECTION.

  • Versioning Conventions: The conventions behind SPECFEM's version numbering system are explained here.


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