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Release GeoExt 2.1.0 (Compatibility ExtJS 4 and 5)

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@chrismayer chrismayer released this 25 Nov 13:15
· 25 commits to master since this release

This is the first stable release of the GeoExt 2.1.0 series.

GeoExt v2.1.0 introduces the compatibility to both ExtJS 4 and ExtJS 5. The base work for this has been done in the pull request #339.

Users are encouraged to upgrade to this version, since it introduces no backwards incompatible changes.

List of most relevant changes since version 2.0.3:

Fix JavaScript error when the map panel is loaded in a hidden ExtJS tab (#367)
Fix PrintProviderField to work with textboxes (#364)
Set correct version numbers (#362)
Adapt README for Version 2.1.x (#361)
Dispose layer tree node event listeners. (#357)
Fix accidental overwrite of alternateClassName of WMSCapabilitiesReader. (#353)
Introduce ExtJS 5 example app (#352)
Adopt minimal Sencha Cmd package requirements (#350)
Add outputFormat as a none-custom param of MapfishPrintProvider (#349)
Correct minimal app example in README (#346)
Add more API docs for disabled LayerTreeNodes (#344)
Add visual feedback of layers out of range to tree panel (#343)
Support both ExtJS 4.2.1 and ExtJS 5.1.0 (#339)