source code powering the views "Highways", "Geometry", "Tagging" and "Places" of OpenStreetMap Inspector
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OSMI Simple Views

This repository contains the tools to generated the data which powers the view Tagging, Highways, Places and Geometry of the OpenStreetMap Inspector (OSMI) by Geofabrik.

This software uses the Osmium library by Jochen Topf for everything related with reading OSM data and the GDAL library (via Jochen Topf's C++ wrapper gdalcpp) to write the output data.

License and Authors

This software was developed by Geofabrik GmbH. See the Git history for a full list of contributors.

This software is licensed under the terms of GNU General Public License version 3 or newer. See for the full legal text of the license.

The Catch unit test framework is available under the terms of Boost Software License.

The geometry view contains code to detect self intersections of ways which is a modified copy of a part of OSMCoastline by Jochen Topf, available GNU General Public License 3 or newer.

How it works

This software reads an OpenStreetMap planet dump (or one of its smaller extracts) and produces an Spatialite database which contains all errorenous objects which were found in the OpenStreetMap data. Other output formats than Spatialite are possible but not as well tested. You can open the output files using QGIS.

The Spatialite database is used as the data source of the WMS service by the OSMI backend. This service provides the map and an GetFeatureInfo API call used by the frontend.


You can install libosmium either using your package manager or just cloned from its Github repository to any location on your disk. Add a symlink libosmium in the top level directory of this repository to the location of libosmium/include if you use the latter variant. Take care to use libosmium v2.x not the old Osmium v1.x!


mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..


Run ./osmi_simple_views -h to see the available options.

There are two binaries. osmi_simple_views_merc can only produce output files in Web Mercator projection (EPSG:3857) but is faster than osmi_simple_views because it uses a faster coordinate transformation engine provided by libosmium while osmi_simple_views calls Proj4.