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Unfortunately this does not currently work as expected. The use of inotify watchers cannot keep up with the rate and volume of inotify events generated from running nodetool snapshot and nodetool repair for Cassandra. This is due to the inherent race condition in watching inotify events in that a watcher cannot be created in time before an event (think writing a table snapshot to disk) is fired.

Backup tool for Cassandra


Inspired by


  • Tool should automatically detect which cloud it is running in (AWS/GCE)
  • Upload to GCS or S3 depending on cloud
  • Bucket name as configuration option passed by env var
  • Use IAM creds to get permissions on the upload bucket
  • Listen for FS events for triggering uploads (inotify on Linux)
  • Use cloud SDK to support multi-part uploads for reliability of uploading large files
  • Should upload full and incremental snapshot files


Currently listens on /data/**/ recursively for a subset of inotify events and as we receive them if they pass a certain set of criteria:

1. It's either in the `/data/**/snapshots/` or `/data/**/backups/` directories
2. It's not a directory

we upload those files to a cloud bucket in either S3 or GCS depending on which cloud you are currently operating in.


Currently only supports Linux.

Currently listening on syscall.IN_MOVED_TO, syscall.IN_DELETE, syscall.IN_DELETE_SELF, syscall.IN_CREATE events.

The DELETE events are for removing watchers for when snapshots and backups are cleaned up.

The key will be in the form of <machine_hostname>-<instance_id>/path/to/file/to/upload

Expected environment variables

BUCKET_NAME=some_bucket    # assumes the bucket already exists and does not currently create it if not.
REGION=us-east1   		   # only used for amazon, ignored for google. defaults to 'us-east-1'

To build you can use the Makefile or just use the go install command.

# will output binary in project folder as `cass-backup`
$ make
$ ./cass-backup