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schutta Merged changes from the svn repository into the git one:
- Added latest description of Chuffed taking from the MiniZinc challenge
- Added more examples
- Added new global propagators (circuit, subcircuit, cumulativeCalendar)
- Added a generic times propagator that does not make any assumption on
  the variables' domains
- Improvements/extensions of MDD and cumulative propagator
Latest commit 5f3fcf7 Sep 26, 2016


// Compilation						       //

// To compile the parallel version: 
// Set parallel flag in parallel/chuffed/core/options.h: 
#define PARALLEL

// Create new build directory
mkdir par_build
cd par_build
// Run cmake and set correct mpi compiler
cmake -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=mpicxx ../parallel 
// Run make

// Running the solver					       //
// The parameter "-parallel=true" is mandatory, 
// and the parameter "-f" is highly recommended. 
mpirun -np 8 ./fzn_chuffed -parallel=true -f <flatzinc-file>

// Possible options: 

// Guesses on objective value: 

// Just run the portfolio version

// Mix work stealing and portfolio solving: