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Generate graphs of U-Verse gateway bandwidth usage
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This perl script allows you to generate bandwidth usage graphs for any interface on a U-Verse residental gateway.

The script was developed against a 2Wire 3800HGV-B running version 6. It may not work against other versions or devices.


1: You'll need to install the required perl modules. Basically:

bash# sudo perl -MCPAN -eshell
... (answer "yes" if this if CPAN asks you to do a quick setup)
... (answer "yes" to any pre-requsite module questions for the following modules)
cpan[1]> install RRD::Simple
cpan[1]> install LWP::Simple
cpan[1]> install Data::Dumper
cpan[1]> install HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath

2: Edit and change @interfaces, $router_ip and $images_directory to your wishes.

3: Setup a crontab entry to run the script every minute. (replace ~/stats/uverse-stats with the location of the script

* * * * * cd ~/stats/uverse-stats && ./

Please do not email me with questions related to installing perl modules. There are many guides on the web.


  • Add bandwidth usage stats before AT&T adds caps

  • Error rates

  • Global/total broadband traffic info (from “Traffic Statistics” on /xslt?PAGE=C_1_0)

  • Include HTML page

  • Simpler perl module installation (via CPANM?)

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