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Wildcard is a platform that empowers anyone to build browser extensions and modify websites to meet their own specific needs.

Wildcard shows a simplified view of the data in a web page as a familiar table view. People can directly manipulate the table to sort/filter content, add annotations, and even use spreadsheet-style formulas to pull in data from other websites.

Install Wildcard

Be aware: Wildcard is still pre-release software.

The current master branch is stable, but missing a few important features that have yet to be ported over from previous versions of the codebase: mainly filtering the table and formulas.

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If you want to install Wildcard today, there are two options:

To use Wildcard with an existing library of supported websites, follow the quick start instructions.


Follow the dev env install instructions.

To run the build watcher: yarn run dev

To run the extension in a new browser and auto-reload it when you update the code: yarn run chrome or yarn run firefox