Hawaiianizes the "Howdy" message displayed in the top right corner for users when they are logged in, based on time of day.
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=== Hawaiian Howdy ===
Contributors: geoffreyshilling
Donate link: http://example.com/
Tags: howdy, admin, replace howdy
Requires at least: ???
Tested up to: 4.9.1
Requires PHP: ???
Stable tag: 1.0
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

Easily change the "Howdy" message to a Hawaiian greeting based on the time of day and/or day of week.

== Description ==

Set the greeting based on time of day:

* Midnight-10:59 am:  Aloha Käkahiaka (Good Morning)
* 11:00am-12:59pm  Aloha Awakea (Good Day)
* 1:00pm-4:59pm  Aloha 'Auinalä (Good Afternoon)
* 5:00pm-11:59pm  Aloha Ahiahi (Good Evening)

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*   "Requires at least" is the lowest version that the plugin will work on
*   "Tested up to" is the highest version that you've *successfully used to test the plugin*. Note that it might work on
higher versions... this is just the highest one you've verified.

== Installation ==

1. Upload Hawaiian Howdy files to your server at `/wp-content/plugins/.`
2. After activating Hawaiian Howdy, navigate to the settings page at 'Settings' > 'Hawaiian Howdy' to configure the greetings you would like to display.

== Screenshots ==

1. This screen shot description corresponds to screenshot-1.(png|jpg|jpeg|gif). Note that the screenshot is taken from
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directory take precedence. For example, `/assets/screenshot-1.png` would win over `/tags/4.3/screenshot-1.png`
(or jpg, jpeg, gif).
2. This is the second screen shot

== Changelog ==

= 1.0 =
* Initial release.

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