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A game to guess how many Minifigs I can fit in a mason jar


The kids and I love LEGO and we have quite a few Minifigs. I thought it would be fun to have people guess how many I could fit into a Mason jar. Since this number isn't ever going to change, it's not something they would play over and over again. I think my site's 404 error page would make a good home for this reason. That way some people will come across it but [hopefully] not very often.


  • A single game allows up to 5 turns
  • The game is over once a player guesses the correct number of Minifigs or they run out of turns

What the game should do:

  • The number is hard-coded based on how many mini-figs I have in a mason jar.
  • Starting with 1, track what turn the player is on
    • If turns are less than or equal to 5, let them guess again
      • Keep track of the numbers the player guessed
      • Display what numbers the player has guessed
      • Check if the guess is correct
        • If it's right:
          • Increment the number of turns
          • Display a message they got it and in how many turns
          • Don't allow any more guesses
          • Allow the player to start over (?)
          • Show a picture of the Minifigs out of the jar
        • If the guess is wrong:
          • Tell them if they are higher or lower than the actual number
          • Repeat the previous steps
    • If guesses are more than 5, the game is over * Tell them if they are higher or lower than the actual number * Tell them the game is over * Don't allow any more guesses * Provide an option to play again