Luggage Control system by IS104 - Team 3
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Algemene readme file, hier geen documentatie plaatsen. Documentatie wordt geplaatst in javadoc. Cookbook wordt geplaatst op de wiki.

Project LuggageControl by IS104 - Team 3

Project Rules:

  • Language used: English
  • Check github everyday
  • Sync before push
  • Tell people before pushing
  • Add issue ID in description
  • Make people aware of files you're adding and changing
  • Let poeple know if you run into trouble with your assignments

Project Tuesday:

  • Meeting with action points
  • Discuss milestones
    • What did you do
    • What are you gonna do
    • Did you have any issues
  • Create the milestones for next week based on schedule
  • Merge the current development branch (if compiling) into master and create release version