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Mission Statement for claim-chowder.

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+# Claim Chowder #
+If you make a verifiable claim about the future and it proves to be completely false, you may have to eat your words. Claim chowder is best served hot and fresh.
+The claim-chowder project aims to build a web-based system for tracking claims and claimants so that you can:
+- Remember to say "I told you so"
+- Review the past claims of a claimant to assess their success record
+The term 'Claim Chowder' originates with [John Gruber]( (I believe). I should track down its provenance in detail.

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Yeah, there's definitely some similarities there. Long bets is a little more formal, a little more high-minded. This is a little more about calling people on their bullshit. Fighting the tech press echo chamber, as much as anything else.

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