Tiny script to integrate Maven with Notification Center under Mountain Lion.
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This is a tiny project intended to integrate Maven with Notification Center under OS X 10.8: Mountain Lion by generating build success and failure messages. It is roughly the same as my maven growl project, which does the same thing using Growl. They each have minor unique features because Growl and Notification Center expose unique features.


This project builds on terminal-notifier, a tool for sending notification center notifications from the command-line and/or from Ruby. You can install it as a ruby gem, or as a Mac application bundle, and the means of invoking it changes somewhat based on how you've set it up. I'm using the gem-installed version, but if you've installed it as a Mac application, you'll need to modify the way the script invokes terminal-notifier slightly. If you're having trouble configuring that, get in touch.


This software is unlicensed. See unlicense.org.


There is none. Use it at your own risk. I hope it doesn't burn down your hose.


This is not a commercial supported project. If you're having issues, get in touch (e.g. twitter). If I have the time and inclination to help, I will. If I can't, it's simple bash scripting, and someone else probably can.