simple-drag-drop-text for Atom editor. Drag and drop text using the mouse.
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simple-drag-drop-text package for the Atom editor

Drag and drop to move text using the mouse. This mimics the standard behavior of many other editors. Dragging and dropping with the modifier key held will copy the text instead of moving it. You may change the modifier key in the Settings; options are CTRL, ALT, and META (super/Windows/command).

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Enter apm install simple-drag-drop-text or use the settings page.


There is no Atom command.

Drag/drop is triggered by clicking and dragging a text selection from one place to another. If the modifier key is held when the mouse is released then the text will be copied instead of moved. The default modifier key is CTRL but you may change this in the Settings to either ALT or META (super/Windows/command).

Alternative Package

There is a sister package to this one, drag-drop-text. It is more complex but it has a small learning curve and does not follow the standard behavior of other editors.


Copyright Mark Hahn using the MIT license. Maintained by Geoff Thibeau since 2017-02-08.