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Bangalore Metropolitain Transport Corporation Network Data

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation operates over 2000 routes. We scraped some of the data to understand this network better. This repository is a collection of scripts to run analysis and data derived from them.

Data from Open Bangalore. | DataMeet



This map shows bus stops and frequency of their routes. Evidently, north Bangalore has less routes but more frequency while south Bangalore has many routes which are less frequent. View interactive map.

Longest Route

BMTC operates many long routes. The longest is route 600 with 117 km and takes over 5 hours. View interactive map.

Most frequent trips

Route KBS-3A makes 274 trips. 401M and 252F makes 217 trips. These are the three most frequent routes. View interactive map.

Where do most buses start from?

Most routes start from Krishnarajendra Market as opposed the notion that is Kempegowda Bus Station.


screen shot 2016-02-01 at 18 37 14

North - South and East - West routes are equally distributed. View interactive map.

2 and 3 series routes

2 (blue) series and 3 (green) series routes cover ~76% of the entire BMTC network. View interactive map.

Routes starting with number 2

2 series routes coverage

Node strength

screen shot 2016-02-04 at 5 50 33 pm

Node strength - number of routes passing through a stop. View interactive map


screen shot 2016-02-05 at 16 01 41

Reachability - destinations you can get to from a stop without switching. View interactive map.


Redundancy - naive approach to finding redundancy is scoring based on bus stops each routes hit. The southern corridor of Majestic - Bannerghatta - Anekal is more redundant than rest of the network. View interactive map.

School walkability

screen shot 2016-02-08 at 14 39 28

School walkability - schools (red) that are <500m from a bus stop (black) on a BMTC route. BMTC creates a pretty good network in and around the city to connect schools. Schools data from Karnatak Learning Partnership. View interactive map


Analysing Bangalore transit data



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